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Ozzie Sneddon, is an illustrator, animator, musician, storyteller, programmer, game developer, and writer based out of Pennsylvania.
He specializes in hand drawn dark fantasy artwork and is a stubborn user of traditional art mediums. He is also the owner of a virtual reality art gallery known as "The Strange Pear" that runs its business and events on the game "VRChat".


Is the long-time personal worldbuilding project of Ozzie Sneddon. He has been working on this saga since 2015, bringing his world of Eré to life across multiple video game and comic book projects. Featured in an alternate history and theoretical future of Earth, The Age of Empathy tells the tale of the rise and fall of great emotional ages cultivated by powerful beings known as Thoughtforms. These tales are told through the lenses of the people who live in those ages: artists, outcasts, heroes and pilgrims. Discover this world alongside them in The Age of Empathy!
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Anxiety is your curse, and a heroic journey will be your treatment. Experience the colorful world of Eré in this traditionally animated puzzle adventure game!


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The year is 1996. While investigating a childhood trauma, Adian gets dragged into a violent cult conspiracy in the middle of deep Pennsylvanian wilderness.


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You are an artist seeking inspiration for your magnum opus. Explore sixteen hand-drawn levels in the world of Eré to search for artistic inspiration and the meaning of life!


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In the True Age of Greed, even the most noble of intentions become products of their age. Welcome to an era of cruel heroes and dark magics in Deleary!


Sanguis Domini Daemonis

"Sanguis Domini Daemonis" 9x12 | Gouache on Hardboard | Client Work

"Fungal Agent"

"Fungal Agent" 9x12 | Gouache on Hardboard | Client Work

"Archivist & Usher"

"Archivist & Usher" 9x12 | Gouache on Hardboard | Client Work

Ursus Protector

"Ursus Protector" 9x12 | Gouache on Hardboard | Client Work

Bulge in Consciousness

"Bulge in Consciousness" 9x12 | Gouache on Hardboard | Client Work

Angelus Ruit

"Angelus Ruit" 9x12 | Gouache on Hardboard | Client Work

Tumor Knight

"Tumor Knight" 9x12 | Gouache on Hardboard | Personal Work

Tumor King

"Tumor King" 9x12 | Gouache on Hardboard | Personal Work

Abyssal Prince

"Abyssal Prince" 9x12 | Gouache on Hardboard | Client Work

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